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10 November 1987
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Hi there, I'm Keen the fox, but some people know me as 'Keeny', 'Keen', 'KFox', 'Mark', or 'that dirty fox lover'... lol. I draw cartoons (mostly foxes and other furry or feathery animals) but also play and write music. I have finished studying HND animation at Dundee College. I write and play various types of music and you can stream some of my tracks from www.myspace.com/kfoxonthebox.

I'm not exactly what you'd call your stereotypical Scotsman. I don't parade about in a kilt, and I don't eat the traditional national dish that is haggis, so just don't ask! I am a furry of sorts (I actually prefer drawing old school than drawing the unmentionable!), but I'm not all in your face with it. I also like to consider myself open minded, I'll respect your views if you respect mine. I can be very judgemental sometimes though, and I often like to speak my mind. Although I'm from Scotland, I also have some English and Dutch heritage to myself. I desire a lot of things, but know I have no way of getting them, so I just get by with what I can do. I like interacting with furry artists and furries of all species and having a good laugh!

I play guitar, bass and keyboards as a hobby as well. I'm not fantastic at any of them, but I know how to play a tune with ease. I also draw artwork for friends and other musicians. I also like driving and being as one with nature.

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