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You'll probably have guessed that I don't update this LJ anymore. I have a blog now at http://thefoxthatrocks.blogspot.com

Thanks ^^

We've had new windows and window frames installed in many parts of the house today, including my room. Now I've got to try and get my work down without being asphyxiated by the fumes from the brand new window frame and sealant!

It should at least be gone in a few days.

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Anyone else notice how absurdly high the fuel prices in the UK have been getting? And this time, unlike in mid-2008, the price of crude alone pails in insignificance to how much fuel duty tax the government makes us pay - and there's due to be another 3p rise come April! I know the price of fuel is getting higher abroad as well, but in the UK the government is in my humble opinion the main reason why the price of fuel is so extortionate here. And all this time they're still trying to claim expenses.

How much longer can this madness go on for? Being someone who drives as a crucial part of his job, one of the few realistic things that any government can do to totally piss me off is quickly raise the fuel duty and take forever to lower it (if they even bother).

Question is, what is the solution? Blockading fuel depots? Peaceful protesting outside Downing Street? Boycotting petrol stations on a certain day of the week? Answers on a postcard.

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In 2007 I documented the dismantling and ultimate demolition of the last high-rise tower block in Dundee's Ardler area. This year, the council has started their controversial phase of demolishing the "Menzieshill Five", five 14-storey tower blocks of flats built in the Menzieshill area of Dundee in 1965. It didn't take long for the council to condemn these towers (just five minutes!), but such is the way of things these days; the council lets an area of the city get run down then proceed with their costly "regeneration" schemes. Whilst I do agree that the quality of housing in Dundee's less affluent areas needs to improve, the worst thing about this is that they are not replacing these blocks with anything at all, so it is anybody's guess where the residents will be going.

Unlike every other tower block in Dundee that has been demolished thus far, at least three of these towers will be painstakingly dismantled piece by piece rather than with explosives; the reason being is that three of them are very close to the hospital and dust clouds wouldn't be nice for it.

Two of the five towers are now completely empty; the first of these towers to come down is Balgay Court. The demolition contractors have already begun dismantling, as the photo below shows. I will keep updating this as it goes along.
Menzieshill Demoliton 1

This is also a picture I found of Menzieshill in the 1970s; for comparison.

I know I don't post on this journal much these days, but at this time that is what I feel like doing.

My grandmother on my English side passed away this morning. My mum, along with my dad and brother have gone down to Carlisle to clear out her room at her care home and also speak with the undertakers. I am 22 and have never had to deal with the death of a close relative until today. However, this had been coming for a while; my grandmother had been suffering from alzeimers/dementia for the last few years which essentially took away the grandmother I knew and loved. I am not too surprised, but I am still a little bit shellshocked by it all.

I want to remember her for who she was when I was much younger, and not for what she was in the last few years.

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There's been snow here for over a fortnight. It was nice at first but now that it's been getting deeper and more slippery it is making my part time job delivering pizzas more hazardous.

Sometimes I just want the winter to be rainy again =P

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Last night the weather in North East Scotland was revolting. It rained torrentially for hours on end, it was windy, and I had to deliver pizzas in it!

Worse still, the dual carriageway between Dundee and Carnoustie had flooded (as had Carnoustie High Street), so I had to take the smaller, longer and slower road to and from there.

Much of the whole Tayside region has flooded too. Happily the weather today is bright and sunny, for the time being.

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I went to see Ash perform in concert in Dundee a couple of days ago - it was their first time there since 2004 (I missed them that year because I didn't know if I would be old enough), and it was a blast ^^. The bass player even has the same first and middle names as me! How odd.


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When I visited North America this Summer I saw that Pixar's latest movie 'Up' was now out in cinemas - but only in North America. When I was hanging out with my pals in New Hampshire we had planned to see the film one night, but instead everyone got sidetracked and had a mini fursuit parade instead. Whilst that was quite fun at the time (no, I didn't fursuit, I just watched) I missed the film and knew that I would not get the chance to see it until Autumn. And so I waited, and now I've witnessed it.

The 3D craze of 2009 that has plagued 3D computer animated films for the last few months has caught on by storm - even the advertising posters of these movies has their characters flaunting those glasses (...not in MY movies, if I ever get to produce any). I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I watched 'Ice Age 3' at one of my city's two local cinema multiplexes. Whilst the 3D was apparent, it still made me feel underwhelmed since the film wouldn't be any less good in 2D and would have cost me less.

And naturally with Pixar, the undisputed gods of 3D computer animation, there has been a lot of brouhaha about their latest offering 'Up', and it's 3D potential. Pixar have never once made a bad film, and 'Up' delivers immensely in terms of story, character development and epicness. The 3D is apparent too, but like with 'Ice Age 3' I felt that the 3D was just one big gimmick and a passing fad that is not worth any extra penny of your cash. It wouldn't make the film any less engaging - and the film is perfectly good in two dimensions.

Of course, if you know me then you'll know that I've been highly critical of the overuse of 3D animation in recent times and how it is being promoted for all the wrong reasons. Jeffrey Katzenburg (CEO of Dreamworks Animation) for example, is a man of whom I am often critical of mainly because he prefers quantity over quality. Unlike when he worked for Disney he is prepared to make many woeful pop-culture laden pieces of drivel (like 'Shark Tale' or 'Madagascar') at the expense of a great film with great lastability that comes out more sporadically, which is what Pixar is good at. Granted, Katzenburg has made a few decent films too, but I think for every one good Dreamworks film there are at least two bad ones. When Katzenburg was promoting his latest feature 'Monsters vs Aliens' he said along the lines that 3D in cinemas was the future. I can understand that watching movies these days needs a revamp, but I've seen plenty of 2D films in the cinema when I was a little boy and I certainly didn't think that THEY needed 3D to be 'better'. And this new 3D craze just doesn't impress me and I think it might possibly get old. You never know with these things though...

I tried to get into the whole 3D fad, I really did. But when it comes down to it films like 'Up' can stand on their own without any silly gimmicks and I'll still get the same effect for a lower price. And if you haven't seen 'Up' yet, then that's my advice - go see it, but don't pay extra for the 3D. Four out of five stars!

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Two days ago I started getting a series of silent calls on my mobile phone. Yesterday, I got at least TWENTY of them on two seperate numbers - one untracable, and one from a foreign mobile. Fortunately these aren't personal attacks on me - because a text came from the foreign mobile with a veeerrry poorly punctuated message saying stuff along the lines of how god will bless me and all that rubbish. And still having the nerve to keep phoning! Bastards.

The good news is I've been able to block off the foreign mobile. Lets hope this nonsense blows over soon; I don't want to start using another simcard.

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